Brief Introduction of School of Economics and Management
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The School of Economics and Management of ECUT was founded in 1982, there are six undergraduate majors, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management, International Economy and Trade, Logistics Management, and Tourism Management. Our school also has Master Programs in Business Administration and Accounting. Among the majors, the Marketing and Accounting are brand majors in Jiangxi province. Courses of Principle of Management, Marketing, and Financial Management are famous as provincial excellent courses. Presently, the school has Business Administration as provincial key disciplines and provincial teaching team of “Business Administration Series Courses”. There is a staff of 105, including 18 professors and 36 associate professors.

Introduction of Business Administration Major

Business Administration major was established in 1982, focusing on training high-level creative managerial talent for the fields of business management theory researching and teaching, government's economic policy researching, company decision analyzing and strategy formulation. The students under this major can systematically apply management science and theory, familiar with management theory and methods of industrial and commercial enterprise, and understand the development situation of modern science and technology. The core courses of the major are Senior Economics, Advanced Econometrics, Enterprise Strategic Management, Management Methods and so on.

Brief Introduction of Core Courses

1.Advanced Economics:The course aims to reflect the education reform and theoretical achievements of the contemporary micro- and macro-economics, emphasizing the accurate understanding of the basic economic concepts and mastery of economic analysis tools. The course consists of 40 theory hours. The objective of the course is to enable students to use the contemporary economic theory to observe and explain the typical economic problems in reality. It will lay the solid theoretical foundation of further study of other economic courses in the future.

2.Advanced Econometrics: The course uses the economic theory as an instruction to study the relationships between economic variables with random nature and sub discipline of economics with economic phenomenon and quantity regularity by the basis of probability theory and means of computer science, providing analysis tools to economic empirical research. The course consists of 40 theory hours. Its objective is to enable students to master the basic theories and research methods through the study of advanced econometric, to trace the new development of econometric model method in the field of each economic branch, and to establish empirical modeling analysis and frontier research of advanced econometric modeling.

3.Strategic Management of Enterprise:The course mainly focuses on the management theory of the highest level of the enterprise. The course consists of 40 theory hours. The objective of the course is to enable students to master the basic knowledge of the enterprise strategy, the methods of strategic analysis, choices and formulation, implementation and control of the enterprises, to understand and use the analysis methods of strategic management of  enterprises. It leads students pay attention to the enterprise strategic development, the enterprise leaders’ insights into the market changes and their strategic management ability to control the enterprises from a new perspective of the market economic concept.

A brief introduction of the professional teaching staff

Tutors:Professor Zou Xiaoming, Professor Xiong Guobao, Professor Zhang kun

1. Professor Zou Xiaoming:PhD in management science and Engineering. Graduated from Wuhan University of Technology, he engages in research and teaching of business administration. Up to now, Professor Zou has conducted 6 important Latitudinal projects, including National Social Science Fund ProjectsThe humanities and social science project of the Ministry of EducationSociety and Science Planning Projects of Jiangxi Province etc. He has published 3 academic monographs and over 20 thesis, won 5 provincial award.

2. Professor Xiong Guobao: PhD in management science and Engineering. Graduated from Shandong University, Professor Xiong shows research interest in research and teaching of business administration. Up to now, 6 important Latitudinal projects have been conducted by himincluding National Social Science Fund ProjectsThe humanities and social science project of the Ministry of EducationSociety and Science Planning Projects of Jiangxi Province etc. He has published over 30 papers, won 5 provincial awards.

3. Professor Zhang Kun: PhD in regional economics, Graduated from Nankai University. Professor Zhang has engaged in research and teaching of Technology and economy of uranium mine. He has presided over and participated in more than 10 projects of national, provincial and ministerial level scientific researchwith a publication of over 20 thesis and academic monographs.

Brief introduction of Jiangxi Provincial Key Research Base

    1.Economics and Management Research Center of Geological Resources: the center was established with the approval of Education Department of Jiangxi Province in 2006. The research center mainly engages in the research such as harmonious development of uranium mine, development and management of environmental economy and geological tourism resources, comprehensive development and utilization of mineral resources and etc. The center is a scientific research institution of combination of economics and management theory and practical application to explore the geological resource.

    2.Research Center of Resources and Environmental Economic: the center was established with the approval of the Council of Jiangxi Province in 2013. The major research interests of the center include the development and utilization of energy resources, the environmental protection, the planning and development of tourism resources, the planning of land resources and the land intensive utilization and etc. The center is proposed to be constructed as a comprehensive, open and subject-crossing scientific research base with the main characteristics of resource environmental economic management research.

    3.Soft Scientific Research Cultivation Base ofResource and Environment Strategy: The base was approved by the office of science and technology of Jiangxi Province, focusing on the important issues ofresources, environment and sustainable development of economic and social development in Jiangxi Province. Meanwhile, it iscombined with the major strategic development needs of the country, carrying out the research relevant to development and utilization of nuclear resources and environmental protection, geological tourism resources planning and environmental sustainable development, land resource planning and land intensive use andconstruction of ecological civilization and evaluation of ecological benefits in Jiangxi Province.

Arrangement of main courses:


Course name

Course code

Course nature


Advanced economics




Advanced Econometrics




Enterprise Strategy Management




Research on management method




Frontiers in Business Administration




Economic and Management of Mineral





Advanced Financial Management




Advanced Management Accounting




Marketing Management




Research on the Theory of Enterprise Organization




Theory and Method of Tourism




Tourism Planning and Development




Project Management




Theory and Method of Technical and Economic Evaluation