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Sales Management Trainee Program

Company Profile公司简介

 Established in 2008, SZ&W Group is a leading business intelligence and integrated event service provider in Asia, dedicating to spreading industry knowledge and business information worldwide, and building platforms for communications and cooperation between business decision makers.

 The company headquarters in Shanghai and Los Angeles. With SZ&W Research, SZ&W Event, SZ&W Event Management, SZ&W Community, and other well-known market research and event brands, SZ&W Group stretches its business beyond China and Asia across the emerging economies in Middle East, Europe, Africa, South America, as well as other regions. As the forerunner of business media and commercial activity organizer in Asia, SZ&W Group leads the industry forward.

 Now, we are looking for talent with whom to share our vision.


旗下有“泽为研究”,“泽为会展”,“泽为活动”, “泽为行业社区”等知名市场研究及商业活动策划品牌。立足中国及亚洲市场,公司业务遍及中东,欧洲,非洲,南美洲的各大新兴经济体。公司总部设在中国上海和美国洛杉矶。作为亚洲行业资讯及商业社交活动领域的先行者,泽为已经成为行业领导者。


Sales Management Trainee  销售管理培训生

  1.  Bachelor or college graduates in 2018, there is norestriction in terms of majority2018


2With excellent oral and written Englishexpression ability


3Expected income  预计收入:10W/

 Base Salary  基本工资: 3500-4000 + Commission  提成4%-9%

Compensation & Benefits薪资福利:
Competitive compensation package and broad career paths具有竞争力的薪资和广阔的发展空间;

  1.  Insurances & housing fund五险一金;

  2.  Holiday gifts & Birthday gifts节日礼品;生日礼金;

  3.  Public holiday, annual leave with pay法定节假日,带薪年休假;

About Sales Management Trainee Program


To help management trainee shift identity from campus into the workplace, graspcorporate culture, core business and work process, and grow in work rapidly, thecompany has designed a comprehensive career planning for every managementtrainee, which lasts for 2 years.There are 3 different Phases in Comprehensive Career Planning Passing assessment ofthe three phases, you will become a sales manager within 2 years, and obtain betteropportunity to enter middle-management team of the company.At meantime, you will have access opportunity to other positions in company (e.g.Marketing, or Industrial Researcher) Based on global business expanding plan, andyour own willing, you will have opportunity to be appointed to work in office abroad.


核心业务、工作流程,一起在工作中快速成长,公司为管培生量身设计了一个全面的事业发展计划,为期2. 共分为三个阶段.


Phase One: General Ability Training  阶段一通用能力培训

 Internin basic position will help you toknow more about corporate background,culture, and get familiar of operation process in your department.


 Expected Time lasting: 4 months


Phase Two: Improve Business Capability  阶段二业务能力提升

 You will participate in systematic training, be assigned to different project teams inSZ&W Group and gain an insight into the different industries and accumulatepractical experience

您将被安排系统的培训,并分配SZ&W Group的不同项目工作,以便加深对行业的理解,从中累积实际经验

 Expected Time Lasting: 10 months

预计: 10个月。

Phase 3 Independent Career Planning阶段三自我职业规划

 After participating in cross-department and management skills training, you willhave opportunity to act as a team leader or working in other branch offices to getcomprehensive insight into project operation and management. Based on behavior,outstanding trainee will get various kinds of development and promotionopportunity, and become a distinguish management team member.

接受跨部门及管理技能培训, 并有机会担任Team Leader助理或异地锻炼阶段。全面深入地了解项目运作、管理。视个人表现,杰出表现的培训生将会获得各种发展及晋升机会,成为公司管理团队的重要一员

 Expected Time Lasting: 10 months

预计: 10个月

What can you expect从工作中你可以收获到:

1International visions. Our projects will be held in Europe, Africa, Middle East and other international markets.国际化的视野。项目举办地在欧洲、非洲、中东等地区。

2Better understanding of business. Learn industry chain knowledge, trends and developments of energy, health, insurance and other industries.


3Improvement of English communication skills. Contact international customers in English, practice and improve your spoken English.


4Opportunities to speak with top management. Communicate with decision makers from various industries including Forture 500 companies, introduce international high-level summit, forum, academic seminar and other events to them.


5Senior level sales will have opportunity to travel abroad every year.


Words from our outstanding colleagues:  优秀管培生语录

 Amanda Zhang

 7 months to become Senior Sales ConsultantLVL 3


  1.  SZ&W Group offers an exciting learning opportunity for me who is dedicatedto advancing education and culture. Most important, I got a rapid developmentin this emerging industry and this passionate SZ&W group泽为提供给我一个很好的学习平台。更重要的是,泽为是一家充满激情的公司,使我在这个新兴产业得到了快速的提高。

 Ammie Zhu

 1 Year and 2 months to become Sales Team Leader


 .I really cherish the opportunity to have a complete and structural training inSZ&W Group. As a result, I was able to develop different types of skill that areof immense



 Allen Liu

 Three Years and a half to become Associate Sales Director


 This group offers me a diverse range of opportunities for personal growth andprofessional development


Recruitment Process 招聘流程:

 Delivery Resume简历投递Phone Appointment电话邀约Video Interview视频面试Telephone 2ndRound Interview电话复试OFFER录取Entry入职